The best sports betting providers for the NFL

The National Football League, better known as NFL betting, is no longer only making the headlines for the Super Bowl, but is also being followed with increased interest during the Regular Season and Playoffs. Games are also regularly broadcast on Free TV.

Since the mid-2000s, the NFL has also been broadcasting live games several times a season in Europe, and it seems only a matter of time before a German city, in addition to London, becomes the venue for NFL American football games.

The growing interest in this sport has long since been taken into account by many sports betting providers who have included American football games in their betting offers.

Enthusiasm for American Football betting is growing

Almost all of the companies we tested accept tips on the NFL to a greater or lesser extent.

To a much lesser extent, this applies to Canadian football, which is closely related to American football and is played in a league of its own in the northern neighbour country of the USA.

NFL Betting: Info and explanation
Despite the upsurge in football operations in other countries, the NFL is still clearly the focus of betting providers and it is by far the largest share of bets placed on it.

There is already quite a decent selection of different betting markets for every game, all the more so of course with the annual Super Bowl bets.

Especially the clear structure of the game makes football the ideal betting sport. A match lasts 60 minutes (net) and is divided into four quarters of 15 minutes each.

The team in possession of the ball has four attempts with its offense to cover a distance of ten yards (9.1 meters) with the ball by pass or run. This tries to prevent the opponent’s defense.